Welcome to Ring the Bell! So glad you are checking us out!!

I'm Brittany Steigner and am so excited to get to know you and help you get prepared for your wedding day or event! 

After working in the event planning field for the last three years, as well as planning and designing my own wedding and the weddings of some sweet friends, I am excited to launch Ring The Bell Event Planning & Design. Here in Pensacola there are so many beautiful venues, talented vendors, and wonderful people ready to make your wedding day an incredible experience. Ring the Bell is about bringing all of those amazing artists, and stunning settings together to form an unforgettable event. 

I am passionate about beauty, life, celebrations, unity, joy, flowers, & bringing real humanity to life moving events. That's why I wanted to do this. I wanted to give people the tools to help create a moment in their lives that truly reflects them and all that they are celebrating. A moment that reflects beauty, nature, love, and goodness. I long to use natural elements and responsible vendors in order to bring about weddings and events that are not only fun and beautiful, but also easy on the earth and your pocket!